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F.A.P. begins its activity in 1950 as artisan shop and successively as leather dealer.
Actually it proposes new lines of items of business gifts, office coordinates and small pieces of furniture.
A reality that today represents the mix between “the handmade care” and “creative tradition”, features that have decreed the success of “Made in Italy”.
The company mission is using and working with materials of first quality, as natural skin, leathers and new products eco-friendly like the regenerated leathers, together with others fibres.
The firm leitmotiv is to create always prestige products that express a concept of “contemporary elegance”.
F.A.P. srl   via Stretta,  22/A -  25128 Brescia - Italia - Tel. +39 030 38 11 34 - Fax +39 030 370 0569 - info@fapcompany.com - P.IVA 02354910982